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Online DV is here to stay! In the recent years the internet has proven to be a great source for accessing digital video. Even though connection speeds still play a major factor in resolution and quality, one can find just about any video on the world wide web.

YOUTUBE - is the Godzilla of online videos. Here one can find an endless supply of subject matter. And trust me you can't just have one, once you watch one you'll be hungry for more. Start your own YouTube account and share your Digital Videos with the world

VIMEO - One of our favorite places, fun site, fast growing, and the quality of compression is superb! Can handle both standard definition and High Definition viewing. Easy and fast setup for those who wish to contribute to Vimeo (However, standard free membershipe has upload limitations).

GOOGLE - If it's Google, it's gotta be right! The standard screen size is larger than most of the other online video websites. It also combines results from various websites (some of which we have listed here) which makes it a good one-stop-shop.

METACAFE - has lots of content and is one of few video sharing sites that will pay its contributors for popular content ($5 for every 1000 views). Some people have already made six figures by uploading their videos!

HULU - Forgot to Tivo your favourite show, no worries! Hulu.com is the place you should go to watch popular television shows and movies. The pre-showing commercials are quite long, but worth the wait.

BLIP.TV - A nice collection of video content. More show-styled content instead of short clips. Also a larger view screen which makes the viewing experience more pleasant.


One can also view a more detailed list of available Video Sharing websites here.